The Metals Company is developing the world’s largest estimated source of battery metals, with enough nickel, copper, cobalt and manganese to electrify the entire U.S. passenger vehicle fleet.

Our aim is to supply the low-impact metals necessary to store clean energy and power electric vehicles, and to in turn create a closed-loop system—a world where metals are not mined and dumped, but rented and returned. If we use these metals to make electric car batteries—as well as for renewable energy storage, wind turbines and solar panels-we can dramatically reduce environmental and social impacts for the whole planet. Our plan is simple and attainable: supply the necessary metals with the least possible impact, building enough metal stock to stop extracting from the planet and enabling society to live off recycled metals.

The Metals Company was formed through the merger of DeepGreen Metals Inc. with the Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corporation.

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